A WREXHAM fan is on the lookout for a "kind and generous" man who helped him collect club treasures.

Bob Williams, 64, now lives in Swindon but spent his youth in Wrexham and is a big fan of the club.

While living in Wrexham as a teenager, Mr Williams attended Grove Park Grammar School and built a rapport with the playground supervisor - a man he only knew as Trevor.

During the late sixties and early seventies Trevor was also part of the team that would put up posters around the town advertising the upcoming fixtures, and would pass on an surplus posters to a young Mr Williams.

He explained: "During the 1969/70 football season I was a 15-year-old schoolboy studying at Grove Park Boys grammar school while also being a Wrexham mad fan who lived for Saturday afternoon when my heroes would run out at the Racecourse and do battle in the old league Division 4.

"During this, and the following season, I was fortunate enough to collect a huge number of posters of the type which used to be pasted up around the town to advertise matches.

"Recently my grandson Ollie and I have been cataloguing these posters in order to record the collection for reference purposes, which we have calculated to be 101 different posters, with some games having up to four copies of the events details.

"The posters were given to me by a dear old chap whose name I only knew as Trevor and whose family we would like to track down in order to thank them for his kindness and to learn a little more about him.

"Trevor was the man or part of the team who pasted up the posters around the town and also a part time lunchtime playground supervisor at Grove Park.

"I only ever spoke to Trevor during the school breaks, morning and lunchtime. Every Monday morning he would bring in any 'surplus' posters that he had not pasted up around the town and pass them over to me for 'safe keeping'.

"I kept them and have cherished them so that now they have become what I believe may be a unique collection of such artefacts."

Since moving away from Wrexham for work, Mr Williams finds visits to the town few and far between, but still attends the occasional game.

But along with Ollie, he wants to try and track down the family or friends of Trevor and thank them for instilling a young lads faith in the club.

He added: "Trevor was such a nice old guy and I'd love to learn more about him and say thanks to his family.

"These old posters were either pasted by the man himself or as part of a team and for some games he'd have some left over.

"We kept this going for the best part of 18 months, every Monday morning he'd come in, regular as clockwork.

"Both Ollie and I would dearly love to track down Trevor's family to thank them and to learn a little more about a man who was kind and generous."

Anyone who can help Mr Williams with his appeal can please contact Leader reporter Harry Wright on 01978 340332 or e-mail harry.wright@newsquest.co.uk