THOUSANDS of people turned up to one of the UK’s largest faery events over the weekend.

Over 6,000 people turned up to the Pavilion in Llangollen to enjoy the festival which included 200 trading stalls.

Videos and images by Don Jackson-Wyatt

Festival-goers could enjoy things from wand making and messy play to live music and story-telling.

Fiona Maher – known locally as ‘Tink’, has organised the Faery Festival in Llangollen for the past six years and she said every year it gets more successful.

She added: “It’s more successful than I thought it would be, we were told we would have awful weather, but it’s done really well and I’m happy.

“Nobody has been wondering around looking at their phone and texting, it’s been great. The only event you won’t see that, they only take their phone out to take a photograph, it’s just amazing.

“It's very child orientated but there’s loads of stuff for adults too.”

The organiser has written her own book about faeries and was inspired to organise her own festival after she attended a small Faery Day event.

Tink said: “The real magic of this festival is it's six years old and we’ve got kids coming since they were toddlers and they still love it, it’s a major part of their summer holidays and they always say it’s the best day ever.

“The magic for me is that we are making memories. It’s everyone who makes it, even people turning up looking wonderful, the costumes are breath taking and they make such an effort every year it’s wonderful. They are going to tell their kids and their kids will tell their kids.”