With the summer holidays in full swing, a new study has found the thing parents struggle with most is finding ways to keep their children entertained, making the money they have last and arranging day-care.

The team behind www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/travel surveyed 2,496 parents from around the UK and found these three expenses alone cost on average £450 per child, more than half of the £700 average spend for the annual six-week holiday.

We hit the streets of Wrexham to find out how parents in the town are finding the summer holidays so far.

Emma Scott, 30, from Brymbo who was at a free event in Ty Pawb with her three children, Harry, 10, Ollie, 8, and Benji, 21 months, said cost was definitely something that had a bearing when deciding what to do.

She said: "It's so difficult, because the likes of the zoo can cost so much money for the whole family and then there's things like food to consider on top of that.

"It's so great here because many of the events are free and it means I can sit down with a coffee and have a few minutes to myself too.

"I'm just so thankful there has been so much going on so far this summer, and it's been so much easier to find out what's happening than before."

Nia Edsell, 34, from Coedpoeth, who was with her children Lilli, 7, and Alex, 4, said she had found it more difficult this year as the children get older and because she doesn't have her own transport.

"I sometimes have my Mum's car and I've taken them to the likes of Ty Mawr, but the parking charges at the parks now are a bit of a pain, and although it's only £1, it all adds up doesn't it?

"I'm also a National Trust member and there's so many options around the area for taking advantage of that and my local library has had different events on too, which we can walk to, so that's great."

Shauni Thomas, from Caia Park, said: “We come to Ty Pawb when events are on but it would be good to have more free events. There should be activities that last a whole day rather than a few hours. When we were young we went to play schemes so they should bring those back in Wrexham.”

Leanne Chard, from Wrexham, said: “I think there should be more events which are local to the town centre because some people can’t afford to get the bus to travel to events further away. There are also free events in the area happening on the same day too, so events need to work together so families can go to them all.”

Gabriella Radlik, from Wrexham, has two children aged three and five.

She said: “It’s hard to tell how much I spend. I try to entertain my children by taking them to the park. It’s less expensive when the weather is nice because we can go to the beach and not spend any money during our day there. Instead of a caravan holiday we can go camping.”

Anders Nilsson, spokesman at www.myvouchercodes.co.uk/travel, said: "When you’re a kid, the summer holidays are amazing; six whole weeks off school for a start.

"Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and ice creams for parents who have to find the money to keep their children entertained for such a long period of time. £700 is a large amount of money and that’s only taking into account one child. It’s going to be far more for those with two, three or even more children.

"Relying on borrowing to fund activities like this isn’t ideal, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of family deals on day-trips, discounted travel and even a great time to hook up with other parents struggling to entertain their children. Not only do the kids get to play amongst themselves, but you get some like-minded company too."