A FORMER sex shop could be converted into four bedsits after a previous bid to create a 14 bedroom house of multiple occupation (HMO) was refused.

Proposals to redevelop the Private Shop on Yorke Street, Wrexham were originally submitted in July 2017.

The initial application was to change it into a 14 bedroom HMO, but after Wrexham Council failed to make a decision on it within the necessary timescale, it was refused on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate in February because of concerns over a lack of space for residents.

Now fresh plans have been submitted to the authority to turn the first and second floors of the building into four bedsits, each with a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

In the initial proposals, the applicants said the development would ensure lower cost, flexible housing needs were met.

But despite attempts to scale the scheme back to nine-bedrooms, they were rejected by planning inspector Iwan Lloyd.

In his report, he said: "The amenity space available for the 14 bed HMO is very small indeed and is dominated by a concrete pillar, wood screen and metal framework of the footbridge leading to Eagles Meadow shopping centre.

"Although the town centre nearby would provide alternative recreational opportunities the number of occupants in a 14 unit HMO would expect an area where they can sit out.

"However, the available amenity space would only realistically accommodate bin storage.

"I consider that the proposal would harm the living conditions of future occupants of the development in relation to outdoor amenity space.

"The proposed works would fail to preserve the appearance of the Wrexham Town Centre Conservation Area."