FITNESS classes for blind and partially sighted people now feature on a church timetable.

Nikki Sibeon, of Greenfield, was born with a rare genetic condition called Best's macular degeneration which she was only diagnosed with in 2013.

After finding that there were not many exercise classes or facilities for the partially sighted in the area, Nikki decided to embark on her own career as a fitness instructor.

Nikki has worked all year round on her instructing exercise and fitness and circuit course and was delighted this summer to discover she had passed her Level Three qualification.

This summer the exercise guru launched her own brand, I'mPossible Fitness, aimed at inspiring women with disabilities and encouraging them to make the most of their bodies.

She said: "People who I've spoken to have said it's a good idea and have really made me feel as if it is something that they want."

Following months of planning and inspirational talks in Snowdonia, Nikki has finally found her perfect venues which people can easily access, and which have adequate training space.

Her first sessions will be held on Monday at Holy Trinity Church in Greenfield, with an Abs Blast session from 9.30-10am and a toning class 10.15-11.15am.

Her second day of teaching will be at the church again with an abs class from 1.30-2pm and body circuits from 2.15-3.15pm.

On Wednesdays Nikki will relocate to another Flintshire venue nearer the coast at Mostyn Clock Tower, with body circuits from 5.30-6.30pm, abs blast from 6.45-7.15pm and a toning class from 7.30-8.30pm.

Nikki said: "After going on my own weight loss journey I wanted to inspire others that they can do the same.

"I wanted to lose weight as I felt as though it was the one thing that I could control.

"My thoughts were I have no control over my sight condition.

"However I do have control over my weight."