A COUNCILLOR has called for a review of the out-of-hours medical services.

Cllr Barry Scragg of Holywell Town Council has expressed concern how residents who do not have access to a car can get to emergency hubs quickly.

Cllr Scragg said: "If you do not have a car, how do you access the hubs? A taxi. But a taxi from Holywell to Glan Clwyd Hospital is £20 each way.

"A taxi to Deeside Community Hospital is £16.50 each way. So people are just going to phone for an ambulance which is going to block their servers.

"You can get a bus from Holywell to Queensferry, but then you have to get from the bus stop to the hub."

Residents of Carmel don't have it easy either, according to Cllr Scragg, who said there is no public transport in the out-of-hours time for residents in that village.

Cllr Scragg urged that it would be a "big saving" for Betsi Cawaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) to have an out-of-hours service accessible to residents in rural areas rather than force emergency patients to phone the ambulance service.

It was resolved that a letter is to be sent to the secretary of state for public health in a bid to curb the issue.