CONCERNS have been raised about the state of the surface of a busy road.

The B5125 Chester Road, which connects Broughton and Hawarden, is a vital road link but condition of the road has led to concerns expressed by a Broughton community councillor.

Klaus Armstrong-Braun reported the state of the road, particularly off Manor Lane roundabout, to Flintshire Council's Streetscene three months ago, and the road has since worsened.

The criteria for pot-holes to be filled is that they have to be at least 40mm deep, and a recent measurement has shown that the potholes off Manor Lane roundabout are well over 100mm deep.

Mr Armstrong-Braun is not only concerned about the potential people's cars, but also for cyclists who frequent that stretch of road, especially as earlier this month a cyclist in Derbyshire was killed after hitting a pothole

He said: ''Cyclists are having to swerve into the middle of what is a very busy road to avoid potholes. A cyclist recently came off their bike after hitting one of the potholes on that roundabout and it simply isn't safe. It's not fair to say to cyclists that it's unlawful to ride on the pavement while certain roads are in a hazardous state.''

''Flintshire Council are spending more taxpayer's money by paying out to people who've had their cars damaged by potholes than if they were to simply fund the resurfacing of these damaged roads.''

Cllr. Carolyn Thomas, Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Countryside, said: “The B5125 Chester Road, from Manor Lane roundabout, heading towards Broughton has been included in this year’s resurfacing programme.

''The programme has commenced and will be completed by March 2019. Regular route inspections will continue to take place on this road and any required maintenance works will be undertaken to ensure the road remains safe for all highway users.”