STUDENTS from Glyndwr University have had the opportunity to learn top tips from BBC presenters and production professionals.

Six broadcasting and journalism students saw Antiques Roadshow filmed first-hand at Erddig Hall on Thursday July 26.

The students were given a tour around the processes of filming by meeting runners and the programme editor.

Cat Davies from Wrexham, a Broadcasting, Journalism and Media Communications student, took the opportunity to talk with the show's presenter, Fiona Bruce, about how she started in the business.

Ms Davies said: “It was a brilliant day. I never expected the chance to walk and talk with Fiona Bruce – it was well worth coming along!

"The best advice she have me was to look not just at presenting on its own, but to get to know everything first – learn how to tell a story and make that the way you work.”

Colin Heron, Associate Head of Wrexham Glyndwr University’s School of Creative Arts, said: “We’d like to thank the teams at Erddig and at the Antiques Roadshow for making our broadcasting and journalism students so welcome.

"Getting practical experiences such as this helps to prepare our students to make their mark in their chosen field, and they heard from a wide range of the production professionals who put together one of Britain’s best-loved programmes during their visit.

"Speaking with professionals face-to-face is a great way of picking up tips from those in the know and the whole day was a priceless experience.”

Jamie Watson, Erddig’s General Manager, said: “We are very grateful to Glyndwr University for their support.

"After a very wet start to the season and water logged overflow parking fields, we worked closely with the Glyndwr University team to make plans for a wet weather park-and-ride option.

"We must do that again for our next big event as we went on to have the hottest summer on record!

“The behind-the-scenes tour was our way of saying thank you.”