.A CHARITY can deliver more blood to those in need thanks to the generous donation of a new bike.

On Saturday, North Wales Freemasons presented Blood Bikes Wales with a new Blood Bike at a special ceremony at Maesgwyn Hall in Wrexham.

The ceremony was attended by The Mayor of Wrexham, Councillor Andy Williams, Emma Lampka, chairman of Blood Bikes Wales and David Thomas, chairman of North Wales Freemasons.

Video and pictures by Geoff Abbott

During the ceremony Emma Lampka explained that the new bike has been named Lloyd in memory of a dedicated and very well respected Blood Bike member who died in March.

Lloyd Jones was a driving force in developing Blood Bikes Wales, donating three bikes and going on to ride as well.

Mr Thomas said it was a fitting tribute to name a bike in his honour.

He said: "On behalf of North Wales Freemasons, it is a privilege to present this new blood bike to Blood Bikes Wales.

"This is an amazing charity surrounded by by incredible volunteers who can truly say their action are lifesaving."

He added: "When we first started talking to Blood Bikes Wales, it was immediately clear that this was a charity we wanted to work with.

"I wish everyone involved with Blood Bikes Wales well for the future and hope the new bike, Lloyd, enjoys a very prosperous and safe future serving the ongoing needs of Blood Bikes Wales."