A COUNCIL will "kick-start" a project to make the town more pleasing to the eye.

The 'Top Shops' initiative run by Flint Town Council focuses on tidying up the street at the top of the town, the first section of Flint visible from the A55 which is "not looking its best at the moment."

The clerk told the council how previous schemes had been implemented to try and "whip up enthusiasm" which "did not produce interest."

It was agreed at this month's town council that using a jet wash to get rid of the chewing gum on the pavement would be "phase one" of the Top Shops scheme, as well as removing the weeds on public footpaths which "would alone do a lot for the area."

The council secondly agreed to revive the "redundant" hanging baskets along the street and donate them to the shops on the condition the owners water and tend to the baskets.

Cllr Ian Roberts backed this idea on the notion that town centre shop keepers do not pay rates and that they would "not put their hands in their pockets, just assisting us."

This would help the "disgrace" of the sight of the street for drivers and passers by.

The council thirdly agreed that it is time to look at removing the tree stumps and the dead tree in that area - providing agricultural experts give the go-ahead.

Cllr Roberts said: "We need to get rid of that dead tree. That tree is unfortunately dead, it hasn't flowered this year.

"As much as we all want this tree to burst into life, I do not think it will."

Cllr Roberts also suggested the town hall care-taker swap his litter-picking duties "for a couple of days" to give the black boulders a lick of paint.

Cllr Vicky Perfect agreed that particular area was a "disgrace," and forms people's opinion of Flint when they drive through - "that it's scruffy."

Cllr Perfect added: "It should not take two years to tidy up a little area like that. It is incumbent on us all to get it sorted asap."