Four large poultry sheds housing up to 225,000 chickens could be built on the outskirts of Wrexham.

A planning application has been submitted by Soaltar Limited for the new agricultural buildings where birds will be reared for meat production at land near Cinders Farm in Ruabon.

The proposed development includes four rearing houses measuring 110 metres long and 25 metres wide, along with a biomass boiler and other associated buildings.

The application was submitted on the same week that proposals for a similar facility in Sarn were rejected by Wrexham Council's planning committee.

In a statement accompanying the plans, the company said: "The proposed development is for new agricultural development at the existing farm.

"The farm needs to expand and diversify to remain competitive. There is a high demand for poultry meat particularly in this area as new capacity for bird processing has arisen in the local authority area.

"Every effort has been made to integrate the development with the existing farmstead and care has been taken with the siting, massing and detailed design to enable them to fit well within the existing landscape."

The proposed access for the development would be via an unclassified road that connects the farm to the A539, with a new road junction to be built nearby.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has already granted an environmental permit to allow the company to run the scheme.

In a report, the Welsh Government body addressed a number of issues including the noise and smell produced by the facility.

They said: "Regulated activities can present different types of risk to the environment, these include odour, noise and vibration.

"We are satisfied that the risk of odour pollution at nearby receptors, not directly associated with the farm, is not significant.

"Permit conditions require that emissions from the activities are free from noise at levels likely to cause pollution outside the site, as perceived by an officer of NRW.

"We consider that, in reaching our decision, we have taken into account all relevant considerations and legal requirements and that the permit will ensure that a high level of protection is provided for the environment and human health."

Last week planning committee members shelved proposals for two intensive poultry farming units at Mulsford Farm in Sarn.

Approval for the large sheds near the border between Wrexham and Cheshire had been backed by council officers.

However, after carrying out a site visit on Friday (13 July 2018), councillors decided not to grant permission because of concerns over the visual impact on the area.