FEARS have been raised that social services in Wrexham are close to breaking point after it was revealed they could face a £3m budget cut.

Wrexham Council is looking to save approximately £11m in the next two years and has warned that a reduction in spending across both adults and childrens's social care could be required unless central funding increases.

While stressing that the £3m figure had yet to be formally agreed, leading councillors are lobbying to be given more money to allow them to continue to protect vulnerable residents.

Addressing an executive board meeting this morning, leader of the council Mark Pritchard said: "They're all important services and we're here to protect and look after these difficult cases and individuals.

"We can't continue to cut in these areas, because the departments and the service will break and it's close to that now. I have no problem saying that.

"It's only down to the dedicated staff in Wrexham and all across Wales that we continue to deliver these services.

"You can't continually put money in health and not put money into social care. I have no problem with extra going into health, I celebrate it and it's a must as well, but you can't then not put it into social care as well.

"I don't think a lot of people understand it, because I go and visit people and they are not aware of all the money being cut from us by Westminster and Cardiff."

In a report it was revealed that Wrexham Council has made more than £6.3m worth of cuts to adult social care during the last four years and savings of approximately £1.3m from childrens' services.

The social services department said it had made every effort to reduce the impact on vulnerable people while reshaping services.

However, an opposition group leader questioned where the suggested £3m savings figure had come from.

Labour leader Cllr Dana Davies said: "Can I have some clarity over where that £3m figure has come from over the next two years, as my understanding is we're still in the budget process and no firm decisions have been made."

In response, finance officer Mark Owen said the figures had been outlined at a previous meeting and were only indicative at this stage.

He said: "The executive board report that went in January of this year included savings which were agreed in principle at that stage in the adult social care area of about £1.9m and childrens' social care of around £30,000.

"Then there was some other cross cutting savings associated with developing the budget for 2019/20. Those haven't been decided that they're going to happen, but they were clearly laid out in that report.

"You all know that we're looking to save around £11m over the two years based on our planning assumptions and given the scale of the social care budget then the £3m would not be unreasonable in terms of the level of savings that would apply to that service area."

Councillors voted to approve the annual social services director’s report and the improvement priorities highlighted.

The council's final budget, including cost savings, is set to be decided at a future meeting.