Missed bins collections account for almost 40 per cent of complaints levelled against Wrexham Council, new figures have revealed.

The local authority conducted 190 formal complaint investigations and received 424 informal complaints in total during 2017/18, with missed waste collections accounting for 73 of that amount.

There were also four grievances raised regarding the use of controversial litter enforcement firm Kingdom, which is currently tasked with issuing £75 Fixed Penalty Notices in the county.

Out of those residents left disgruntled by bin collections, 95 per cent of their concerns were either upheld or partially upheld, according to a report which will go before its customers, performance, resources and governance scrutiny committee on Wednesday.

Head of Corporate and Customer Services Sioned Wyn Jones said the number of complaints about missed waste collections had dropped significantly compared to 654 raised informally the previous year, but acknowledged that the environment department was responsible for the largest proportion of issues raised.

She said: “The majority of complaints against the council concern this department, with missed waste collections accounting for 73 of their 110 formal complaints.

“It is pleasing to note a reduction in complaints from 112 in the same period last year.

“One complaint was resolved following a ‘quick fix’ proposal by the Ombudsman.

“This concerned waste collections and was addressed by agreeing a new pick up location.”

Meanwhile, the council’s housing department has seen an increase in the number of formal complaints against the service, with 66 received compared to 47 in 2016/17.

Two which were subject to Ombudsman involvement were resolved by accepting ‘quick fix’ proposals.

One involved undertaking repair work at a property, while the other concerned damage to a party wall, which the department agreed to pay compensation and allow it to be repaired.

Overall 17 formal complaints were escalated to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.