FLINTSHIRE Council needs to spend £40 million to bring its highways up to standard.

Poor weather conditions over the winter has made the pothole situation worse than normal, the authority’s cabinet heard.

Councillors agreed to start a programme of improvements to the county’s roads that will cost an estimated £2m.

Treuddyn county councillor Carolyn Thomas, the cabinet member responsible for Streetscene and countryside, said: “The county was affected by severe weather conditions this winter which impacted on our roads.

"Periods of frost and freezing conditions caused the road structure to heave and create defects in the surface which in turn allows water in resulting in potholes.

“Untreated potholes are then exacerbated by traffic movements which cause further damage.”

To maintain the current conditions of the road £2.7 million would be needed from the council each year, to be spent on roads.

But it would cost £40m to bring all the highways up to standard, according to Cllr Thomas.

She added temporary measures had to be taken during periods of bad weather but now that the summer had arrived more permanent solutions could be taken to improve road conditions.

“While temporary repairs are frustrating for motorists it remains the only option to immediately remove the risk from the network in most circumstances into drier, warmer conditions.

"In fact once the weather finally improved in May the order was given to change to cutting and filling because it would last longer,” she said.