A reunion is being held for former Brymbo steelworkers nearly 30 years after its closure.

The reunion will be a step back in time for the former workers at Brymbo Steelworks, with several artefacts from the past being on display, including the original clock-in machine.

Avril Smith worked in the canteen at Brymbo Steelworks and decided to organise the event after a chance encounter with some of her former colleagues.

She said: "I was out in Saith Seren in Wrexham a while back when I popped outside to make a phone call.

"While there I noticed a couple of former steelworkers walking towards me.

"While we were chatting, another two come down the road followed by three others. It was lovely to think that 27 years after the closure of Brymbo Steelworks, these lads had stayed in touch.

"A couple of weeks later I got talking to one of them, Phil Cowan. We said, we should really have a reunion. Phil posted a comment gauging interest on Facebook and we had some really good feedback saying to go for it. Everyone was very keen to have a catch up.

"I contacted Brymbo and Broughton Heritage groups to ask if they would like to get involved. Thankfully they did. Jim Nuttal, Leon and Paul Bowen have been busy putting together some films and photos loaned to them by steelworkers, plus music from that era.

"It is important we contact as many as we can as, I don't want to hear anyone say after the event, they didn't know it was on. I don't know if we'll ever get this chance again to get everyone together."

The reunion is to take place on Saturday, June 9 at Brymbo Sports and Social Club from 7pm until late.

The heritage centre will also be open from 10am until 4pm.