Town residents have been left puzzled about talks of promised traffic regulations on the high street.

Flintshire Council agreed last year to de-pedestrianise Holywell High Street in a bid to improve trade on the street.

The decision was made after months of speculation and pressure from Holywell Town Business Group, who believe allowing cars to park for a limited time outside businesses and retailers would increase footfall in the town centre.

An informal consultation last summer revealed that the majority of Holywell residents would like to see the high street opened to traffic - but that the choice should be given to locals.

Flintshire Council then agreed to grant a six month trial period of limited parking time and traffic on the high street, with a referendum held at the end of that time.

The original date set for the six month period was December 2017, but was delayed as traffic permit details had not been finalised.

The second proposed date was January 2018, but residents and business owners are now asking when the scheme will be implemented as the high street remains a "free for all" and has not seen any traffic enforcements.

Russ Warburton, head of the Business Group and owner of Ideal Lighting, said: "We have a meeting once a month with Flintshire Council, and as far as I know, we're still set to open the high street to traffic on May 1, 2018.

"But my main concern is nothing is being done to open the street - no signs have been put up, no legislation has been announced, and there has been no temporary traffic order set.

"As head of the business group, members have been asking if and when it will open, as it was promised for December, then January, and now it's mid-April and May 1 is so close.

"We are running out of time."

According to Flintshire Cllr Ted Palmer, Holywell central, the delay is down to finalising details around health and safety.

Cllr Palmer said: "Until the safety aspects have been addressed correctly, the hight street won't be opened to traffic.

"We all want people to be safe, and as things are now, the health and safety criteria has not been finalised."

"We are talking about a place where there was no traffic, to a place where there will be. It's a process."

Cllr Rosetta Dolphin, Greenfield ward, said: "We need this problem sorted as soon as possible. People are so confused as to whether the high street is open. There are young children currently on the street when traffic is coming up and we need to know where we are. It needs to be opened safely."

Harvey Mitchell, waste and ancillary services manager said: "Flintshire County Council are working in partnership with Holywell Town Council to facilitate the implementation of a temporary six month trial which will allow vehicular traffic to access the High Street in an attempt to boost local trade.

"A number of temporary traffic orders will need to be implemented to permit both vehicular access as well as addressing instances of indiscriminate parking.

"It is anticipated that the trial period will commence in May 2018 where the effectiveness of the scheme will be closely monitored. The High Street will continue to remain closed to vehicular traffic every Thursday to facilitate the weekly market.”