POLICE are urging residents to be wary of potential cold-callers after a series of distraction burglaries.

The advice was issued on social media after incidents involving men claiming to be from the water board.

A police spokesman said: "Residents of Wrexham and surrounding areas should be cautious of men pretending to be from the water board following a number of distraction burglaries in the area.

"If you see anything suspicious please call 101/999."

Dee Valley Water is also reminding its customers to always check the identity of callers claiming to be from the water company.

This follows reports of individuals knocking on doors in Wrexham and surrounding areas, claiming to be from the company in order to attempt to gain access into the home.

Alexandra Ganley, customer support manager from Dee Valley Water said: “We can’t stress how important it is for customers to check the identity of the person knocking on the door. It doesn’t matter how convincing they look, if they work for us they’ll be carrying an identity card and you can check that they work for us by ringing 01978 833200 to confirm they are who they say they are.

“We’d never try to get access to your home to fix pipes or to fit meters without making an appointment first and, even then, if you have any doubts, just call us to double check.

“Our colleagues fully expect customers to check their identity, either with a card or a call, and they’ll wait while you carry out the necessary checks.

“We also offer a doorstep password scheme where you can apply for a password in advance to make sure that the caller’s definitely from Dee Valley Water when they come to your home.”

Anyone interested in the doorstep password scheme can sign up by calling 01978 833200.

“If you’re in any doubt, just ring and check,” Alexandra added: