Residents have allied to form a petition against plans to axe a vital bus service.

Concerned villagers of Penyffordd said that a large part of the village will be "isolated" as Arriva Buses Wales plan to pull the plug on the number 3A service.

The 3A is the evening service between Mold and Chester, though runs through Penyffordd, as well as servicing Broughton and Saltney - but Arriva will be withdrawing the service with imminent effect, posing transport trouble for many commuters from Flintshire to Cheshire and Merseyside.

In just 24 hours, the petition was signed by more than 350 villagers who were willing to fight for their transport service.

Residents are also angered that the Number 3 service is up for a re-shuffle, and according to Mark Tami MP, this is not the first time the issue has occurred.

Mr Tami said: "Bus service full stop are a problem in Flintshire. But for a particular area like us, a lot of people are reliant on buses. Older people will not be able to go out, and will become socially excluded in their own homes."

Residents in Penyffordd and Broughton fear of the buses going altogether. But another issue is the fact they [Arriva] keep changing the times of bus services and don't give any warnings despite regulations. They don't even change the notices at bus stops because the council don't have time to put the signs in place before they're changed again."

Mr Tami has called for "a more imaginative approach" on improving transport links in the area, and said Ken Skates, AM for economy and infrastructure has also been pressuring local transport boards to integrate services in the area.

Jonathon Oates, of Penyffordd, feels passionate about halting the number 3A service. He said: "It means that commuters can’t get back home when they’ve finished work. No more gym in the evenings or nights out in Chester. Residents of the village with no other means of transport — especially the elderly or vulnerable — will be isolated. You won’t be able to get in or out of the village in the evenings."

Mr Oates, who moved to the area nearly three years ago, is dependent on the service to commute to his Manchester office. He said even leaving the office at 5pm sharp means he does not arrive at Chester Train Station until 6.22pm - "and that’s if the train is on time, another Arriva shambles," he said.

The closest Mr Oates will be able to get to home is Broughton.

He said: "I’m fortunate that I am able to work from home a couple of days a week, and am happy to walk the last leg from Broughton to Penyffordd - but others aren’t so fortunate."

Mr Oates hopes "passionate and spirited" Penyffordd people will speak out for those who cannot. The use of Facebook has been fundamental in spring-boarding his campaign to keep the service running.

He said: "I had heard via our community group, who regularly update each other via Facebook, that drivers were telling passengers the 3A would be withdrawn, but no official word. So I asked a few direct questions."

Arriva spokesmen have been communicating via Twitter and Facebook with angered residents, with one post from the bus company saying: "Hi Jonathon, unfortunately due to lack of use this service is going to be withdrawn as it is no longer commercially viable. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."

Cllr Cindy Hinds, county councillor for Penyffordd, said two elderly female residents have put their homes up for sale due to the imminent loss of transport.

Cllr Hinds said: "This is not good and it is not fair. A lot of elderly residents rely on the service, and they would not be able to walk down the hill. We do need a meeting and if we can get the county bus service working, this would amend everything.

"We really do need the service - it is a service and we cannot do without it."

Community councillor David Walker said that Arriva "just don't communicate any updates" and that single residents have to "claw everything they want from them."

He added that many pensioner's bungalows located along the current 3A bus route would be missed, making it impossible for pensioners who cannot drive or walk far to ever leave the village alone.

Former Clwyd County councillor, Dennis Parry, of Penyffordd, said: "The whole village is disgusted. A good third of the village will be cut off by Arriva."

Arriva was approached for comment.