Wrexham was the focus of the BBC One Wales The Hour programme on Monday night.

The trailer for the programme caused outrage on social media on Sunday, with many labelling it as a 'hatchet job' in doing Wrexham's image a disservice.

The programme itself was a lot less contentious, with many people offering very reasoned responses to the problems Wrexham faces.

The Leader went out onto the streets of Wrexham, to ask people what they thought of the show, and their thoughts on Wrexham in general.

Iolanda Viegas, member of the Portuguese council was not very complimentary of the show, saying: "It just wanted to bring out the negatives, whereas it should bring out the positives.

"The show just focused on what people wanted.

"Police engagement happens, you can see them around town helping people. The issue of drugs shouldn't be a crime problem, it's a health problem.

Colin Hughes of Gwersyllt saw the teaser for the programme, but offered a different view of Wrexham's problems. He said: " The heart of the town has gone, I rarely go to Wrexham, I go to Chester now.

"Things like Eagles Meadow have killed the town centre. You go to somewhere like Llandudno and the town is alive, in Wrexham all the shops have closed."

Chairman of the Town Centre Forum Alex Jones was in the audience of the show on Monday night, and commented on how how it differed from the trailer.

"The show tried to cover a broader area than just Wrexham by talking about Wales in general. I went on the show to talk about Wrexham's nightlife, but my topic didn't come up so I didn't have a chance to speak.

"I feel safer in Wrexham than I would in Chester, I think regarding the drugs and homelessness, it is just a lack of understanding from people. With all the CCTV in town, it is a safe place to be."

Brian Halley, who is part of the Caia Park Community Council, has lived in Wrexham nearly his entire life and commented on the positive aspects of the town.

"I've lived here since 1940. In the 60's all the pubs had bands on at night and the great music has continued to this day with places like South Central.

"Wrexham's had its ups and downs, but people come from all over to visit the town, from places like Shrewsbury and even Macclesfield.

"I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world.