BLAINE HUDSON is ‘disappointed’ by the way his exit was handled after being released by Chester.

The centre-back who yesterday signed for Welsh Premier League champions TNS, was one of six first-team players released by boss Jon McCarthy after being informed he would play no part in the Blues’ 2017/18 squad.

However, the 25-year-old explained how he – like team-mates Elliott Durrell, Johnny Hunt and Kane Richards – believed the verbal offer of a contract made in February would result in new deals being offered at the end of the campaign, and expressed his ‘frustration’ with how the situation panned out.

“I’ve still not been given a real reason for it. I went in on the Monday morning, just expecting to sign, but was told I was being released,” said Hudson. 

“If I’d not previously been offered a new contract, then I’d have no problem. Being released happens, I’d be disappointed but I would have appreciated being told straight up that they didn’t want me anymore.

“But to be told you’re getting a new deal and then have it taken away, it’s really frustrating. I was told in February there would be a contract on the table. I didn’t ask during the season to go in and sign the contract but when it came up in conversation with any official at the club, they just told me the offer was still on the table.

“Wherever I am, I take people for their word and I would’ve been happy to stay, I really enjoyed most of my time at Chester. You have to trust the people you’re working for and I did.

“So the way it’s ended is a little beyond me to be honest. It’s not anyone’s fault, I don’t hold grudges but I would have liked an explanation.”

Hudson feels the ‘uncertainty’ surrounding contracts being awarded became a distraction for Chester's squad towards the back end of the campaign, as the Blues lost eight straight home matches and took a miserly 13 points from January onwards.

The former Wrexham man says the squad felt ‘gutted’ at the way the campaign ‘fizzled out’ with six consecutive defeats and wanted the chance to put that right.

“Things obviously changed with the poor run of form,” he continued. “It certainly wasn’t a boring season! It was a bit of a rollercoaster really, as cliched as that sounds.

“I felt we had a good group. Up until Christmas everything was done to the letter, we were working hard for each other and the results followed on the pitch. We felt we were going places, we had something about us and there was a buzz about the place but then it changed.

"It has the makings of a really good set-up but results started going the wrong way, it’s hard to put your finger on it. But the contract situations didn’t help.

“We were promised new contracts but as the weeks and months go by and that doesn’t materialise, it made it awkward between some of the group and the management.

“That uncertainty didn’t help. It was gutting to finish the way we did though. People were saying don’t let the season fizzle out, but ultimately that’s exactly what we let happen.”

Hudson, who will link up with boss Craig Harrison at TNS, added: “I really enjoyed my year with Chester. Playing with (James) Akintunde again and Tom Shaw, who I was with at Cambridge, was good and obviously I know Duzza and Hunty well from our time at Wrexham. I wish the club well, there’s good people there.”