Residents are desperately calling for a heightened police presence following  “ridiculous” episodes of anti-social behaviour in a village.

North Wales Police have been called upon to act as more of a “deterrent” in Bagillt following recent break-ins, reported drug dealings, and “antagonising” behaviour from a gang of youths who congregate in the area.

Residents and councillors fear that businesses will be driven out of the area if this “vile behaviour” continues.

Simon Griffiths, from Bagillt, told the Leader last October how a gang of “feral youths” had been “terrorising” and racially abusing the staff at the Chinese takeaway store in the village.

Mr Griffiths told the Leader this week that unfortunately, the problem now is worse than ever, and that the police presence promised following last year’s terrors has been non-existant.

He said: “It stopped for a bit after the police stepped in straight after but the anti-social behaviour in the village is worse now than it’s ever been. The anti-social behaviour is coming from the same ones who were racially abusing staff a few months back. 

“This time, it’s the kebab house in the village. One Saturday, they went into the kebab house just to order a load of food and did a runner, without paying for it.

“Obviously, the Turkish staff from the kebab house weren’t happy about that but when they stepped outside to try and sort it, the youths started shouting racial abuse.”

Mr Griffiths added that next day the disruptive gang returned dressed in “hoodies” with scarves covering their faces.

He said the youths began racially abusing the staff again, shouting “all sorts of racist remarks”, as witnesses from the pub over the road looked on in horror.

The gang, which it is believed consists of youngsters no older than 18-years-old from Flint, Holywell and Connah’s Quay, has “got out of hand,” said Mr Griffiths.

He said: “These kids are honestly so vile. It’s unbelievable how they behave. We are now at boiling point in the village with how bad it is.”

Despite alerting the community policing team, who have promised to look over CCTV footage of the incident at the kebab house, there is “not enough police presence” in the area to “put a stop” to this anti-social behaviour.

He recalled how six people phoned 999 during the anti-social behaviour at the kebab shop on January 14.

But to Mr Griffiths’s dismay, “nothing has been done” about this incident, leaving the youths free to “antagonise” and “terrorise” more residents and businesses at their will.

He said: “It’s not good enough. We need more of a police presence – Flint and Holywell get their fair share, so why not us? If we’re not careful, the businesses in the village are going to fold.

“Their behaviour is having an effect on the pubs, takeaways and shops, and people do not want to go in there. As soon as they see these kids, people turn away.”

Mr Griffiths, along with Cllr Mike Rees, told the Leader that Bagillt residents have “had enough” but fail to report incidents due to the fear and intimidation the gang imposes.

Both are concerned that the underage gang is being supplied with alcohol which fuels theit anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Rees added the sense of unease is heightened by the sight of what are believed to be drug deals during darker hours.

He said: “It happens so quick. You see these hooded people speeding around in cars, stopping and winding the window down, something gets passed over and before you can take the registration number, it’s sped off again. This needs to be stopped.”

Mr Griffiths added: “If you phone 101, you might get a response two days later. The police have seen for themselves how hard-faced these kids are, and it’s still so unbelievably frustrating they can’t do anything about it.”

Flintshire North’s Detective Inspector  Andy Griffiths said: “We have and will continue to increase patrols in the area, so the public will see a police presence.

“We are also looking at the availability of CCTV.

“I attended the recent council meeting and I’d like to reassure councillors I’ve taken on board what they have said and we will be addressing the issues of concern to the community.”