A woman told how of her relief that no-one was injured after a car crashed into her hair salon.

Nia Valentine, a colleague and a customer had been near the window at Mayfair Salon on the corner of Queen Street and Broad Street in Rhos minutes before the car rolled down the hill and crashed into frontage at about 10.15am on Wednesday.

Miss Valentine, 48, had just started seeing to another client at the other side of the salon at the time.

Referring to the noise of the crash, she said: “There was just a massive explosion.

“It was an almighty noise. I couldn’t even describe the noise if I tried.”

Two customers in the salon at the time were very shaken, Miss Valentine said, adding: “We’re just so grateful that nobody was hurt because it’s a very busy road.”

Miss Valentine, who has run the salon for 13 years, told how the house next to her business was hit four times in snowy conditions on Friday, December 8, while a wall by the Hafod Club was also hit.

The car that hit the salon had been parked by the Stiwt Theatre but the handbrake was not on, Miss Valentine said.

She said the door and frontage would have to be replaced, she had lost income and products placed by the window had been damaged in the crash, although the exact cost is not yet known.

A similar incident involving a local trader’s van 18 months ago caused serious damage to the salon building after hitting the support wall.

While there are concrete pillars on the other side of the road, Miss Valentine said there was nothing on her side.

Miss Valentine said the road had become very busy since the introduction of a one-way system in Rhos.

She called for measures to protect her landlord’s property, her business and, most importantly, pedestrians.

Johnstown councillor David A Bithell, Wrexham Council lead member for environment and transport said: “We are aware of the accident and are investigating why this happened.”