A COMMUNITY is rallying to support a father battling a severe brain tumour.

Andy Jones, 44, of Pentre, Deeside was given the devastating news in 2010 that he had a grade two Astrocytoma – but after brain surgery and radiotherapy, the tumour remained stable for six years.

Since initial diagnosis in 2010, Andy has lived with chronic fatigue, memory loss, headaches, hearing loss and anxiety – but the most recent progression has now affected his peripheral vision.

In December 2016, Andy and his wife Nicola, 45, were told the heart-breaking news that the tumour had changed to a Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM4), the most common high grade primary brain tumour in adults.

After more brain surgery, six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of the “gold standard” chemotherapy, Andy’s tumour showed subtle signs of progression.

He then switched to a different palliative chemotherapy drug, but after only two cycles, the tumour continued to grow.

After spending Christmas with Nicola and daughter Rhieyen, 10, Andy underwent brain surgery on December 29 to remove as much of the tumour as the surgeon at the Walton Centre could physically see.

The operation went well but further treatment is required to try to keep the tumour at bay.

The Jones family have asked people to support a crowdfunding page to help raise £30,000 for treatment not available on the NHS.

Andy’s wife Nicola said: “The NHS have been nothing but amazing, but following the third operation we need to hit the tumour using treatment and therapy which is not available on the NHS, but has been recommended via a second opinion we were given in London – and this needs to start four to six weeks after Andy’s latest surgery.

“One treatment will involve Andy wearing four adhesive patches on his head for up to 22 hours a day to deliver therapy direct to the tumour area.

“This is a costly treatment and will require monthly visits to London for maintenance, MRIs etc.

“While it is not curative, we hope it will keep Andy here a lot longer.

“After much consideration we have decided to try to raise the funds needed via a crowdfunding page. It’s a huge thing for us to ask everyone for help and we honestly wouldn’t ask if we didn’t need to.

“Any donations or fundraising anyone can do to help would be really appreciated.

“In the event that Andy can’t use the money raised, we will donate it straight to The Brain Tumour Charity for their essential research”.

Since starting the Just Giving page and a Facebook support group, Andy and Nicola have been overwhelmed by the kindness, support and encouragement received from family, friends and indeed strangers.

Nicola added: “I have been thanking people that I know personally when they have made a donation but there are many people who have donated who I haven’t met and can’t message, and many that are making anonymous donations.

“We are so grateful and humbled by their kindness and generosity”.

As of Friday (the Just Giving page – which was set up in early December – had reached £11,000 towards the £30,000 target needed for Andy’s ongoing treatment, which will also entail check-ups, and scans in London.

Andy and Nicola have received messages of encouragement from far and wide, and their friends are thinking of ways to the raise money needed.

Ideas include bowling competitions, as Andy is a keen indoor and outdoor bowler, a gig at the Tivoli where B4Time – the band in which Andy previously played as a drummer – will reform, a sponsored silence, tattoo day and a battle of the bands.

To donate or contribute fundraising ideas visit www.justgiving.com/ crowdfunding/andy-jones-fightinggbm4.