A MUM who doctors had feared may not survive a brain injury has completed a three-year therapy course and overcome the odds.

Rachel Harry, of Llwyn Onn in Wrexham, has been undergoing intensive physiotherapy to learn to walk again and have speech therapy since giving birth to her daughter Freya in July 2012.

She suffered a hypoxic brain injury after an undetected blood clot caused her to suffer a heart attack.

The 35-year-old has been having treatment at The Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development (BIRD) charity, based in Eccleston, near Chester.

The organisation announced that Rachel, described as a “very special young lady”, has finished her three-year therapy at BIRD.

A spokesman said: “Remembering Rachel when she came for her first assessment, we remember Karan, Rachel’s mum, pushing Rachel in her wheelchair into the centre.

”Three years later and what an incredible moment when Rachel walked from the car into the centre for her last appointment.”

The original prognosis for Rachel after her brain injury while giving birth was she would not survive or would be in a vegetative state.

The spokesman added: “With the support of BIRD’s therapy programme and the love and dedication of her family, Rachel has improved beyond everyone’s expectations.”

The staff at the centre released a statement to say they are “so proud of Rachel” and applauded the “determination,
commitment and dedication” of her family members.

Karan said: “When Rachel came to BIRD for her initial assessment during summer 2014 she had difficulty sitting unaided and needed help with every aspect of daily life – personal care, eating, drinking and transferring.

“Her communication was poor and we did not know if she was happy, sad or in need of anything. The first assessment was painful for me, as Rachel was unable to even pick up a chunky toy.

“At her final assessment, Rachel walked from the car into the building, simply holding our hands. She said a quiet ‘hi’ and participated willingly throughout the assessment.

“The BIRD programme has helped Rachel to live, not just exist. She now completes most of her personal care under direction, joins in conversations using an iPad and verbally.

“She practically feeds herself and can drink from a cup.

“Rachel laughs, cries and we know when she needs something, most importantly she has now got a relationship with her daughter, Freya. She reads with her, shares snacks, watches TV and plays games such as Connect4, snap and iPad games.

“We cannot thank the staff at BIRD enough – amazing.”

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