Council chiefs are “tolerating” a homeless camp on a former school site until a longer term solution can be found.  

Wrexham Council is working with police and other agencies to “try and manage the situation” at a small camp on the old Groves School grounds in Wrexham.  

A spokesman said: “For now we are tolerating the situation on the site to prevent other problems arising in other areas. 

“Whilst the site is occupied we will work with our partners to try and manage the situation to help the individuals involved.

“Wrexham Council, the police, health services and voluntary sector are working together to try and manage the situation. A plan has also been drawn-up that will help address some of the immediate issues.”

As part of the plan, Wrexham Council will continue security patrols to help keep the nearby building secure, police will continue to respond to calls, patrol the perimeter and liaise with nearby residents.

Health and third-sector outreach workers will visit the site daily– during the daytime and evenings – to try and engage with the people camping there, and encourage them to accept help.

The spokesman added: “It’s not a permanent arrangement, but it’ll help ensure the situation is manageable while partners work on a solution over the next few weeks.”

Cllr Hugh Jones, lead member for communities, partnerships, public protection and community safety, said: “We want to provide security for residents living near the Groves, and we have a responsibility to protect the building.

“The council and its partners also have to consider the welfare of the people living on the site.

“The people camping there have a complex range of issues – like homelessness, substance-misuse and poor mental health. Things that can’t be addressed overnight.

“Helping them change their circumstances is crucial to managing these issues in Wrexham. Moving them on – without attempting to help – will just create problems elsewhere.

“However, we know we need to find a way to better support them in a more suitable environment, as it’s not appropriate for people to be camping on the site.

“We all want to see a successful resolution.”