SHAUN PEARSON wants Wrexham to get more bodies and balls into the opponents penalty area in a bid to halt the worrying slide.

Although the Reds enjoyed the majority of possession against Stockport on Saturday, a goalkeeper error and poor defending allowed the Hatters to take a two-goal lead at The Racecourse and eventually win 2-1.

Pearson says Bryan Hughes' struggling side, without a win in four outings going into tonight's home match against Maidenhead, should follow Stockport's lead in a bid to get back to winning games.

"It was a frustrating day," said Pearson. "Even the second half, for as much of the possession we had, I still think we need to get more bodies in the box, get more balls in the box and sometimes things drop for you.

"I know both goals for Stockport were set-plays but if you get enough bodies in the box things and keep putting the ball in good areas, things land for you and eventually you get the ball in the back of the net.

"We keep the ball wonderfully well but I think we should really push people to get in the box a bit more.

"Most of our goals this season have been nice, well worked goals; we haven't really scored many scrappy goals.

"And at the other end, we need to keep the ball out of our net a little bit more.

"Our possession most games is pretty good but it is the two penalty areas that matter and that is where we need to improve."