PLANS are being formed to possibly introduce a North Wales region into the Welsh rugby system thanks to a huge shake-up from the sport’s governing body.

A meeting that involved Welsh Rugby Union chief executive Martyn Phillips last week outlined the plans, which will keep four professional teams, but the overhaul could see some sides merging due to the changes.

Plans for change from the 2020-21 season - dubbed Project Reset – is exploring the possibility of a region in the north and the number of professional clubs in the south cut from four to three, with the potential of two coming together as one force.

Phillips discussed the proposals further at a specially arranged summit with the Welsh Rugby Players' Association (WRPA) and senior players - including Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones.

The changes would also see dual contracts funded by the WRU and the regions come to an end, with a new pay banding structure ready to come in to replace the current system.

Meeting minutes that were obtained by the BBC, read: "M.P. [Phillips] detailed that there have been ongoing detailed discussions within the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) about this matter and that all potential options had been explored, including the merger of regions.

"At this time these discussions have not yet concluded however, one clear decision had been made, this was that there will continue to be FOUR rugby regions in Wales as this was seen as the necessary sustainable model.

"What HAS NOT been decided upon is the final geographical location of these regions. This is subject to ongoing discussion."

Should a region in the area be confirmed, it would be another massive boost for rugby in North Wales, with the game going from strength-to-strength thanks in no small part to the supreme rise to prominence of RGC 1404.

They have risen to the Principality Premiership and also scooped the WRU National Cup in 2017, building a strong Academy system and boosting participation through various community related initiatives at youth level.