HE’S the most famous part-time - if you can even call it that - cocktail maker in the north west of England and now Nathan Woolfe is ready to give the lowdown on his Connah’s Quay Nomads team-mates.

Andy Morrison’s Nomads caused a stir throughout British football last Thursday as they beat Kilmarnock 2-0 at Rugby Park to overturn a 2-1 first-leg deficit to triumph 3-2 on aggregate.

The calm and composed Woolfe was confident his team-mates would stun their Scottish Premiership hosts as he watched on from the substitutes' bench.

“I was relaxed,” said Woolfe, who works in a trendy Alderley Edge bar, of being forced to watch from the side. “I was confident we could do something special with the way the gaffer sets us up.

“I had that belief before the second-leg. I had a chat with the gaffer and I said we’d win 2-0. I got the scorers wrong, but we managed to get through. I was confident, because although we lost the first-leg to two late goals, I didn’t think they were as good as I thought they were going to be.”

That success has booked a second qualifying round tie with Serbian outfit Partizan Belgrade, the first-leg taking place Thursday night at Rhyl’s Belle Vue, 6.30pm kick-off.

And Woolfe hopes that it will be another memorable European tie for Nomads’ players, who he was happy to lift the lid on.

LEWIS BRASS: I just want to kiss him every time I see him. He’s become a legend after the games against Kilmarnock, where he was rightly man of the match. Has plenty of ability as he’s showed in the last two weeks.

JOHN DISNEY: He’s my footballing brother. We’ve been to a few clubs together and he’s part of the car school. Dis has become salesman of the year since the victory over Kilmarnock. A really good guy.

DANNY HOLMES: Nicknamed Budgie because he’s got no neck and looks like a bird. His professionalism shines through on and off the pitch, but he’s got good banter away from football and he thinks he’s got some good moves when dancing to the likes of Dua Lipa.

GEORGE HORAN: The brick wall. We got off to a difficult start as he headed every cross I put in on my first training session at Nomads! But now I love the guy. He’s had a fantastic playing career and you can see why.

CALLUM ROBERTS: Looks like he could be brothers with secretary Tom Houghton. He’s got the potential to go far in the game because of his quality and temperament. Callum has been getting some stick for that ‘tackle’ for the Kilmarnock penalty, though.

DANNY HARRISON: The dad of the group. He keeps everyone calm - like Lewis in the first leg - and organises everyone. He’s a wise guy and the glue in the team, which is why he’s so highly thought of. The ultimate professional.

JAY OWEN: He’s the funny man of the group and has the rest of the lads crying with laughter on the way home from games. Gets drunk off one beer and is at the centre of everything. Enjoys pretending to be an air steward when we fly places and is famous for winning second balls.

DECLAN POOLE: He’s like my little brother and the third member of the car school. I’ve not known him for as long as Dis, but he’s a cracking lad. He’s got everything, except a stepover, which I am trying to teach him. When he masters that he will have it all.

CALLUM MORRIS: A calm character as his penalties prove. He keeps himself to himself, but he thinks he’s cool with his Scouse clobber, although he wears some awful t-shirts. The engine of our midfield.

MICHAEL BAKARE: Mr Philosophical. He’s wise and has plenty of solutions to problems when you find yourself in a conversation with him. The only problem is they are always long! Very much deserved the player of the year award and always has a goal in him.

MICHAEL WILDE: Part of the OAP club, who like to chat about bus passes, and he’s apparently tight with his money and goes missing when it’s his round. On the pitch, he’s got a great goal record and is a sensible player.

RYAN WIGNALL: The bouncer. When he loses his head he’s a nutcase. Part of the winger club, he’s a talented player and it was great to see him score after having just had a baby boy.

JAMIE INSALL: Wears the worst baseball caps in history, they are truly shocking. Brings plenty of energy and has real quality which I’m sure we will see more and more of this season.

PRIESTLEY FARQUHARSON: Has it tougher than the rest of the young lads because he plays in the position that the gaffer used to. He’s constantly learning and has so much potential. He’s a southerner, so likes to party and is part of the Fifa crew, who play for £1 at a time, sometimes even 50p.

CONOR HARWOOD: Ever since Craig Harrison has come in Conor’s copied his hairstyle. Hangs around with the rest of the young boys and is another good player, who believes in himself. Having seen him on a night out, he’s got a bit as well.

ERIC GREEN: Cheese-string or Phil Neville. He’s a big dopey giant who is always smiling. Has talent and will learn from Lewis.

And how would winger Woolfe describe himself?

“That’s a tough one, isn’t it?” said Woolfe. “I’m probably the best looking player at Connah’s Quay and I’ve got the best stepover.

“Apart from that I’m relaxed, I like to help bring a smile to the dressing room, which can get intense at times, and I enjoy coming into the club every day, it’s a great place with great people.”