John Haseldin believes Holywell Town's professionalism has come to the fore amid ongoing uncertainty about their league status.

Relegated from the Cymru Alliance last term, the Wellmen looked to have earned a reprieve when fourth-placed Bangor City were hit with a 42-point deduction for alleged breaches of financial rules and fielding ineligible players.

But an appeal made by the City officials at an FAW hearing on Monday has prolonged the decision process, with Bangor's demotion from the league now set for review.

The outcome of the next FAW panel meeting on Monday could also have permutations for the clubs promoted within the Welsh National and Welsh Alliance league structures.

And while admitting that the process has affected his own side's 2019/20 preparations, Wellmen boss Haseldin is proud of the way the club has conducted itself.

He said: "It's a difficult situation, not just for us but for the other clubs potentially involved as well.

"From our point of view, we we're hoping it would have been resolved at the first hearing, but it's going to be dragged out into next week now.

"It's out of our hands but it's caused a fair bit of stress, after the turbulence and heartache of relegation at the end of last season.

"It had looked like there was a glimmer of hope, but it could be snatched away again.

"But as a club, I feel like we've acted professionally throughout all of this and have not got involved while all this has been dragged out.

"So we just have to be patient and keep our focus on the pre-season work we've already started, which has been really positive so far."

Asked whether he was confident that the original charges against Bangor would be upheld, Haseldin remains unsure.

But he maintains that the severity of the punishment originally imposed suggested there was sufficient grounds for the FAW to intervene.

"Clubs aren't deducted 42 points for no reason", he added.

"In my opinion, clubs are only punished to that extent when there's been a massive breaking of the rules.

"You'd expect that the findings of the FAW to have been pretty watertight in the first place.

"What we don't want is for this to drag on beyond next week, and cause us any more delays than we've already had.

"But these are all matters that are out of our hands, and what's most important is that we remain professional.

"We've made some great signings and have players here who are committed to the club whether we play in Tier Two or Tier Three next season."