DYLAN LEVITT has certainly caught the eye during his first foray into international football with Wales.

The 18-year-old Flint-raised midfielder was thrust into the limelight when Ryan Giggs named him in the 28-man Wales squad for back-to-back Euro 2020 qualifiers in Croatia and Hungary.

Levitt, who is working his way up through the ranks at Manchester United, impressed Giggs enough on the recent camp in Portugal, and the teenager has also caught the eye of Neil Taylor.

Of Levitt, the former Wrexham defender said: "He looks really good and really spritely.

"He's good on the ball and he's not short of confidence, which is great to see.

"I could roll the players off who have impressed me in training and I think it's important that they continue to play men's football to help them develop."

Levitt was one of four uncapped players named in Giggs' squad, which had an average age of just 25.

The 30-year-old Taylor is feeling his age, even if he didn't want to admit it.

"There are still a couple above me who make me feel a little bit younger," said Taylor. "Although, thinking about it, I probably do feel my age.

"There are loads of good young lads, born in 2000 and 2001 and it's great to see.

"We were those lads once upon a time and we are trying to help them.

"I think the crop of players we've got now is far bigger than nine years ago.

"Players, even who weren't born in Wales but qualify through parents or grandparents, are showing a big interest in wanting to come and play for Wales because they know what this nation is capable of."

That run to the semi-finals of Euro 2016 helped spark an interest in football throughout a rugby union dominated country.

Taylor adding: "We've been successful, which is the key to growth anywhere.

"With the facilities and the women's game there is a lot going on and hopefully at grassroots level, things are improving.

"I'm doing my coaching badges at the FAW, which is renowned throughout the world, which is another positive.

"It all stems from us being successful and that's what we need to be."