ANTHONY JOHNSON doesn't know the answers to so many questions being asked by his Chester squad.

The level of uncertainty surrounding the conclusion of Chester's season increased after the National League board extended the suspension indefinitely.

The majority of Chester's playing squad see their 44-week contracts end in early May, which only creates issues if the campaign continues further down the line.

"The biggest issue for clubs at our level is contracts," said the Blues' joint-boss.

"You wonder how the current issues will affect us and you wonder what happens at the end of contracts if the league carries on.

"There are so many questions being asked by the players and we don't know the answers to them.

"We've got half-a-dozen on contracts for next season, but the rest will all end in around five weeks.

"Our biggest expenditure is players' wages."

Johnson's words came as Chester released an update on the club's official website laying out the stark reality of the tough times facing the Blues.

A statement on the club's official website read: "Calculating how much money the club will need to survive is a far from simple task due to the wide-ranging variables both in terms of income now available through Government support and income previously expected which may no longer be realised.

"What however is very clear is that due to the postponement of the season will have obviously impact on revenue anticipated from a match-day which alongside the postponement of LFC Ladies fixtures, End of Season Awards night, pitch hire and other activity will see a reduction of anticipated income into the club of around £100,000 by the end of the season.

"To support the long-term sustainability of the club through this difficult time financially we are actively exploring a number of steps to cover this shortfall."

The costs for continuing the campaign beyond the original finish date were also laid bare, the statement continuing: "What is absolutely evident for nearly every club in non-league is that an extension to the season is not financially viable as all budgeting is based on player contracts, and subsequently wages ceasing on May 2.

"Every club, like ourselves, are battling tirelessly to meet these outstanding financial obligations and to extend the season by even another month to six weeks to conclude the season behind doors could accrue up to £50,000 of costs which are unbudgeted.

"In addition, it should be remembered that at such a time when restrictions are lifted and football can recommence players will be requiring a level of ‘pre-season’ style training which may further extend this period where clubs will be liable for wages.

"However most important is the health and wellbeing of the players, supporters and everyone associated with football across the country and this cannot be risked just to conclude a season."

The Blues backroom staff are trying to cut costs as much as possible with those salaried employees placed on furlough.

"The main outgoing at the club at the moment remains player salaries which are due to run until May 2 and those players who have signed on for next season are currently due to resume on July 1," read the statement. "The salaried staff (i.e. managers and club employees), although also furloughed in the main, are employed across 52 weeks a year.

"Although May sees a reduction in expenditure in salaries these will come at time when the cash reserve is naturally at its lowest in a normal season – hence the need for fundraising and Government support to be received at the earliest opportunity to support cashflow and make these payments.

"In addition to this expenditure we also have expenditure for services we receive such as website hosting for the official website, pest control, refuse collection and cleaning for the stadium etc which are being reviewed to see what savings can be made given the wind down in operations.

"Fixed costs associated with things like business rates, rent and other provisions linked to local authorities are being reviewed with the relevant organisations to see if we are eligible for national schemes or grants."