CHESTER boss Anthony Johnson says he would prefer teams to play matches ‘every other day’ rather than league campaigns being expunged completely.

With the coronavirus epidemic causing a shutdown of fixtures across all sports, National League games are now among those to have been suspended.

The worsening public health crisis has also cast doubt on how league campaigns at all levels will conclude if games fail to resume next month.

Blues joint-manager Johnson says the prospect of the season being declared void, and of teams remaining in their current divisions next term with no promotion or relegation, would be unfair.

He said: “Personally I would sooner play matches every other day if we had to, just to get this season out of the way.

“It only calls the integrity of the league into question if you expunge the results of every club at this stage of the season.

“Teams have worked hard all season up to this point and their league position whether it’s good or bad is reflection of how successful they’ve been.

“Nobody wants to have a season that never existed - it makes all of the hard work count for nothing.

“In our league, there’s the option of promoting the top two and doing away with the play-offs - that’s a possibility.

“As a manager, you want the season brought to its natural conclusion, but then playing into July is hardly a natural conclusion either, is it?”

National League officials bucked the trend last weekend by allowing matches to go ahead despite the suspension of all Premier League and EFL games.

But after citing concerns about the potential risk to players, staff and supporters, Chester FC officials took the decision to call off their scheduled home clash with Boston United.

Johnson backed the club’s decision and says his players will continue to train as normal during the enforced fixture break.

He added: “We are in a strange and unprecedented situation with no real idea of what’s going to happen.

“We’ve got nothing to refer to based on what’s happened in the past, so all we can do is carry on training until we’re told otherwise.

“We’ve got no cases of the virus within the squad and no players having to self-isolate.

“As it stands we’re due to play again in April and, as doubtful as I think that is, that’s what we’ve got to work towards.

“It’s not like we can tell the players to take two or three weeks off or work from home in this situation. It’s just a case of carry on regardless.”