BRAVE Amy Salt says "it was a dream come true" despite the fact she had to compete while injured during her weightlifting competition at the Commonwealth Games.

Amy, who hails from Coedpoeth, competed in the women's 76kg weightlifting class at the Games, with her competition taking place at the NEC, in Birmingham.

Wrexham-born Amy went into the competition suffering with a back injury, but she bravely battled on to compete on the platform on Tuesday.

"I went to Luxembourg for the Women's Grand Prix and I did the damage then," she said.

"It's been my goal for eight years (to compete in the Commonwealth Games)."

Back then, Amy had a fractured back, which meant she was unable to compete in those Games.

This time around, it was going to be different.

"I had been told a recurrence of the back problem was high, but I wanted to do it (compete).

"I had four weeks of physio... but you can't fix ligament damage.

"But I feel positive about it.

"It was a dream come true anyway."

The pressure was off Amy for the competition as she knew she wasn't going to battling for a medal and she added: "I could enjoy it a bit more.

"I'm just chuffed to be there."

To open the competition, Amy had completed two clean snatches.

The first was at 70kg, before she upped her second lift to 86kg.

She then had three attempts to lift 107kg in the clean and jerk section, but she failed with each attempt.

The last attempt saw her fall to her knees in pain as she attempted to exit the main stage - and Amy says judges should have awarded her the final lift.

"I'm quite shocked because I have watched it back and it was a lift," she admitted.

"I don't understand what's happened there.

"I feel I have been robbed of a total.

"But in my head I made a total."

Amy added: "It took me eight years to get here. It meant the world to me to be there.

"I don't regret a single second."

She also attended the Games' opening ceremony and said: "The Welsh flags were everywhere!

"We walked out and there was a massive roar.

"It was incredible."