NORTH Wales Crusaders have another break ahead of them prior to a return to League 1 action.

There's no weekend action for Cru, who have lost their last two games in the league, and they return on June 26 with their home meeting against Doncaster.

Last Sunday's 30-22 loss at Hunslet saw the Crusaders slip to third in the League 1 rankings, their lowest position of 2022.

Cru were narrowly ahead at the interval and looking to build on this in the second period.

Head coach Anthony Murray told the club's Twitter page he wanted the players to "capitalise on being in good areas".

"We didn't do that," he added.

"We were just doing things that we wouldn't normally do for some reason and it's about picking that to pieces a little and going over it and making sure we stop doing it and getting ourselves back into a position that got us on that front foot for those eight games in a row, really."

The last meeting between the Crusaders and Doncaster ended in a crushing 46-0 triumh for the North Wales side away from home.