SUPPORTERS have identified changes they believe can finally lead Wrexham to promotion.

After finishing runners-up to champions Stockport County this season, Phil Parkinson's side suffered a 5-4 defeat against Grimsby Town in the National League play-off semi-final and are now planning for a 15th campaign in the fifth tier.

Fans were asked what changes needed to be made so the Reds go one better in 2022-23, and they spoke about positions that needed addressing, potential new signings, more strength in depth in the squad, and formation among other things.

DEAN ROGERS: "Not much. Start like our 2nd 1/2 season & we'll get 100 points with this squad but more reliable cover at centre back; stronger depth in midfield to change things up without resorting to hoof ball & more scope for rotation would help. Oh & no suspensions! Ok up front already!"

KEIRAN EVANS: "Stronger players off the bench. Currently no game changers. The same starting 11 ran themselves into the ground the last 10 or so games."

DR PAUL MAGGS: "Don't take the cup competitions seriously. Everyone likes a trip to Wembley but play the youngsters. Keep the senior players fresh because they looked knackered towards the end of the season. We don't need the money... promotion is the most important thing."

GARETH ZANELLAN: "More strength in depth is needed….and ideally would like us to play more football!"

RYAN: "A midfielder who can hold the ball, make a good pass and has a bit of aggression about him - 2 of them please. And central defender who will take control of defence and not just leave it wide open."

CANADIAN RED DRAGONS: "I firmly believe we need to build up our bench; we have a strong starting XI but I feel as though we are weak once we make subs."

WREX-PAT IN USA: "At least 1 new player down the spine: GK, defender, midfielder, striker. Would be nice to see Dan Davies pushing Callum at LWB this season too."

WARREN BARTON: "Keeper Ben Foster, some fit defenders, and a couple of forwards capable of scoring if Ollie and Mullin are out."

JONA DEVITT: "A goalkeeper, a pair of centre halves, right back to match McFadzean in quality and a bench boosting striker and centre mid. Seems a lot but we ran out of options this season and look how that ended."

PETE JONES: "A new keeper is a must asap."

GRAHAM MALONEY: "Strong no-nonsense centre half to allow Tozer & Hayden freedom to play. A playmaker in midfield to link up play so we're more fluid. A goalkeeper & a top striker so Mullin and Palmer don't have the burden every game. And two attacking wing backs that get forward and can cross."

MR SPEEDY: "Different game tactics/formation, the ones we used worked in the start of the season but towards the end teams learnt how to defend against our ways like it was nothing."

WREXHAM EAST COAST: "I think we need to add an agile centre-back to pay along side Hayden and Tozer in the back three. We also need to add a physical DCM who can win the ball in the air and on the ground, We have great midfielders but they’re too small in my opinion and get passed around to much."

DANIEL ANDREWS: "Stronger bench. We need some game changers to influence last 15/20 mins of the game regardless of the result. Turn draws into wins, don’t sit back. We need to go and attack for 75/80% of the game! We drew 10 games, Stockport drew 4! We may lose more, 1 victory is as good as 3 draws."

JOHN: "A manager who tries to play football, using midfield and wide players rather than a hoof up the channel or hoping for the best from a throw in."

BLIND REF: "A good holding midfielder, someone who can get stuck in, show vision and hold the ball up a bit."

TONY ROGERS: "Cruel maybe but we've too many who we can't get or keep on the pitch - messrs Lennon, Hyde & Brisley to name but three. Also, every effort should be made to sign Ben Foster. If you don't ask, you don't get...."

BEN: "A top Goalkeeper. A plan B. A midfield that dominates possession."

JOHN ELLINSON: "I'd love to see someone who can move at pace, past opposition players, with the ball at his feet. We could also do with a real goal threat from the bench. 3-5-2 has and will serve us well, but to have the flexibility to switch to a back 4 means we probably need another full back."

WREXHAM EXTRA: "Andrew Dallas would be a fantastic signing. Completely different option to what we have up front."

ACH56: "Lemonheigh-Evans, Ben Foster, Keillor-Dunn all available, plus manager needs to change from playing a dire 532, to 442 or 433. Set a team up to win games and not to lose them. Otherwise Darren Ferguson is available, Wrexham man through and through."

SHAUN: "Wing backs that are wingers. As in they beat players & cross a ball. A def mid to play alongside O’Connor to break play and cover for attacking wing backs/wingers playing high and wide. A 10 in the make up of McAtee who links the front to back avoiding long ball tactics."

LEE CHAMBERLAIN: "Holding midfielder is a must, a big horrible left footed centre-half, a League One keeper, and go and get Sbarra/McAtee, depending on who doesn't go up."

DANIEL EVANS: "Tshimanga and have a front three that would terrify the league."

DONOGRAPHY: "A ball carrier from midfield."

ADAM THOMAS: "Another dominant centre back, couple of midfielders definitely to be able to rotate players at times. Maybe a keeper as Lainton seems injury prone and another attacking option from the bench."

ANTHONY TAYLOR: "A new manager that plays football."

DARYL DAVIES: "Season tickets prices for a start."