SO, the dust has settled on the 21-22 season and we are now firmly full speed ahead with all things 22-23.

It is a weird and wonderful aspect of football that those of us that love and follow football are always looking forward.

We enjoy a good wallow in nostalgia - re-living the memories of great days, great players and great goals - but in the here and now, we are always asking what is coming next.

This last season I found myself, time and again, enjoying our big wins for only a very short time before turning my attention to the next game.

Fortunately, I am able to follow the same process when we had disappointing results and after a heartbreaking end to the season it was only a short window before I found myself turning to the task of how we go one better this coming season.

I was heartened to see that it was clear that many, many of our fans felt a similar way to me - that their enthusiasm for the club and the direction we are heading in was not diminished - when we sold out of season tickets in short order on Tuesday.

There are around 700 of last season's holders who are yet to renew and they have a window until June 23 to do so, but if those fans take up those tickets we will have sold over 6,800 season tickets.

That is a staggering number and a welcome reminder that even a season that ends in disappointment can be a success if it helps reignite that passion for the club that might have waned somewhat in the previous few difficult years.

We are looking forward to another season in front of packed crowds and it will only give greater impetus to the drive to get another 5,500 seats/standing spaces in operation in the new Kop Stand as soon as possible.

Big summer ahead of us, in that regard.

We are well into the silly season of the summer transfer window. I am unable to help myself from reading transfer gossip because, let's be honest, it is great fun.

Having an insight into the goings on at Wrexham gives me a little perspective into the accuracy of the claims swirling around us and allows me to extrapolate how accurate the claims are about other teams.

My short assessment: Any twonk with access to the internet can make an ITK account and say any old rubbish.

I wouldn't so much say take things with a pinch of salt, as I would say everybody start with a spoonful of salt when you wake up and that should protect you for the rest of the day.

One thing that has come up on the rumour mill that I feel obliged to address is the wild speculation as to what we are paying some of our players.

I would never divulge exactly what we are paying any of our members of staff, but claims that, for example, Paul Mullin is on £14,000 a week are bonkers.

Paul has, in fact, a complicated arrangement with the club where he is paid as many gold doubloons as he can carry home in his shirt at the end of each game.

He wears an outsize shirt and sometimes carries home as many 150 doubloons which works out as about 250,000 Euros in modern money, per match.

He is also allowed to graze his prize bull, Ajax, on the grass outside the Guildhall in town, but I don't think he makes much use of that.

The point is, don't believe everything you read on the internet.