SO, the 21/22 season is finally over and, despite a valiant effort by Phil Parkinson and the boys, we find ourselves facing another year in the National League.

I am not going to dwell too much on the Play Off Semi-Final - I haven't been able to bring myself to re-watch the highlights since - but rather look forward to the 22/23 season with optimism.

I have seen various pronouncements from various, not entirely reliable, sources about what the scope of our ambition was for this season.

Some believe it was champions or bust. Others that it was always a two year plan. The reality is, we were always looking to be pragmatic.

I can tell you, definitively, that we hoped and aimed for promotion, but recognised that two transfer windows might not be enough to navigate the bottle neck of the National League and that we had to ensure that we were building as strong as possible a springboard for either League Two or another attempt at the National League title.

We are confident that that springboard has been built, finishing a close second to a Stockport team who had had an extra transfer window to build showed progress.

Now, this summer, we will look to acquire the final pieces of the puzzle.

Work is already underway on player acquisition, while the business of releasing those players who will no longer be with us next season is all but complete.

I would like to go on record and give my thanks and the thanks of Rob and Ryan to all the players that served the club last season; whether they were ever-present or on the fringes of the squad, all of them gave everything to push the club forward.

We are fortunate this year to be building from a place of great strength. Our 1st XI took us to the very brink of a title this year, with additions, the aim is to tip right over that brink.

After teasing an opportunity to buy the new Green Walk-Out Jackets in last weeks column, I was delighted to see that pre-sales are already in progress on the club shop website.

These are the first bits of next season's gear that have been revealed, with the rest to filter through in the next few weeks.

I have always been very susceptible to football paraphernalia and I have already put myself down for one - I am not important enough to have been issued one like Rob and Ryan already - and I can't wait for everybody to see what else we have in store for the 22/23 gear.

I've seen prototypes of both home and away shirts and I think they are the best ones we've done yet.

Here's to a big summer.