HEADING the points table with a team total of 2,478 points, and with a healthy turn out of 75 competitors, Wrexham Swimming Club continued their run of form unabated at their recent home gala - Wrexham’s 17th Spring Meet, writes Sally Jones.

This short course level three meet was held at Wrexham Waterworld and was attended by 10 other English and Welsh teams.

Falling within the qualification window for Welsh Summer Nationals and British Championships, this gala was an excellent opportunity for those swimmers chasing this season’s qualification times.

In the women’s draw, Sophie Forgrave, 11, achieved 142 points and won the 50m back (36.81), with Rebecca Taylor, also 11, taking 177 points while winning the 200m fly (3-18.64), 200m back (2-50.18) and 400m free (5-28.07).

Another 11-year-old, Annabelle Jones (180 points) triumphed in the 100m fly (1-28.65), 200m free (2-34.49), 100m free (1-11.55) and 100m back (1-21.74).

Twelve-year-old Maja Sokolowska (144 points) was second in four races, with Erin Jones, also 12, taking 159 points with two runner-up finishes.

For two other 12-year-olds, there was one runner-up spot for Charlotte Leatherbarrow (166 points) and wins for Joanne Andrews (265 points) in the 400m IM (5-54.09), 200m breast (3-06.82), 100m fly (1-16.71), 100m breast (1-29.15), 50m breast (40.81), 200m IM (2-44.97), 200m back (2-41.14), 400m free (5-14.49) and 50m fly (35.30).

Jenna Scholze, 13, took 124 points as she was victorious in the 200m back (2-28.93) and 100m back (1-10.06), with 14-year-old Myia Jones (203 points) first in the 400m free (5-00.80), 800m free (10-30.94) and 200m fly (2-45.90).

Nia Gregson, 15, bagged 140 points with top of the podium spots in the 200m breast (2-56.49), 100m breast (1-20.71) and 50m breast (37.46) and fellow 15-year-old Megan Roberts (179 points) triumphed in the 200m IM (2-35.36), 200m free (2-14.76), 100m free (1-01.27), 50m free (28.60) and 400m free (4-46.43).]

Over in the men’s draw, nine-year-old Spencer Jones (160 points) had a full-house of first-place finishes in the 100m free (1-19.15), 100m IM (1-29.00), 50m back (43.74), 50m free (35.46), 50m fly (38.97), 100m fly (1-25.43), 100m breast (1-40.71) and 50m breast (47.70).

Thirteen-year-old Charlie Hughes (135 points) won the 200m breast (3-06.87) and 100m breast (1-27.49), with fellow 13-year-old Tyler Holland (162 points) first in the 100m fly (1-07.48), 200m IM (2-27.75) and 200m free (2-14.36).

Ryan Hardy, also 13, achieved 271 points with victories in the 100m free (59.77), 50m back (31.12), 50m free (27.29), 200m back (2-30.90), 1500m free (18-47.92), 400m free (4-41.15), 100m back (1-14.45), 50m fly (30.47), 200m fly (2-27.15), 50m breast (38.68) and 800m free (9-42.73).

There was a runners-up finish for Dewi Hardy, 14, in the 400m free, with fellow 14-year-old Gethin Williams (151 points) winning the 400m free (4-49.82), 200m breast (2-46.84), 100m breast (1-15.44), 50m breast (34.70) and 200m IM (2-26.61).

Jack Parsons bagged 174 points with first-place finishes in the 200m back (2-25.46) and 400m IM (5-17.28), while 16-year-old Dylan Jones gained a runners-up finish as he took 122 points.

There were 194 points for Adam Taylor, 17, via wins in the 100m free (55.80), 1500m free (17-13.14), 400m free (4-24.34) and 200m fly (2-37.70), with 28-year-old Andrew Reay achieving 160 points and a full-house of first-place finishes in the 50m free (24.40), 200m back (2-08.99), 100m back (1-00.35), 50m fly (27.15), 100m breast (1-05.34), 50m breast (30.34), 200m IM (2-06.95) and 200m free (1-58.81).