WHAT do you think the score/scorers will be in Sunday's FA Trophy final against Bromley and how many Wrexham fans will be at Wembley?

TIM LEWIS: ""3-1 Wrexham, Mullin x 3. 25k Wrexham fans."

BRIAN: "3-2 classic. Davies, Mullin and Palmer with the winner - 23,000 Reds."󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

KIRKY: "2-0, Davies and Mullin, 23k."

WAYNE JONES: "2-0 Reds. 21,000."

WICHIE: "3-1, Mullin, Davies, Palmer - 22.5k."

TONY SHELL: "3-0 and 25,320."

CI SGOTI: "1-0, Luke Young 49th min."

DAZZLECLEAN: "Bromley 1-3 Wrexham (Mullin, Palmer & Young). 23,534 Wxm fan."

PHIL COLEMAN: "3-1, Mullin 2 and Davies - 21,000."

HUGO MATTHEWS: "About 30,000 fans and I’m saying 3-0 Wrexham, Palmer double and Davies screamer."

DAVE KEIGHLEY: "3-0, 19,600 Reds."

NEAL: "Going for a nice comfortable 2-0 win for the Reds. 20-odd thousand screaming that we’ve got Mullin, we’re going up and Parky: give us a wave."

LEE CHAMBERLAIN: "Dream of a Luke Young thunder blaster for 1-0 , 21 k."

STEVEN JONES: "Wrexham 2-0, 21,250."

SNOWY WRECSAM: "4-1. Ollie, Super Paul Mullin 2 and Coedpoeth's finest."

STEPHEN PEEWEE WILLIAMS: "3-1 Wrexham, Palmer, Mullin x2."

JAY AND BEX󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿: "Wrexham win 2-0 Mullin and Davies - Wembley is red."

J: "2-0 Wrexham, Mullin and Tozer."

PADDOCK RED: "Wrexham 3-1 Bromley. Mullin x 2, Palmer. 20,500 Reds."

GARY JONES: "3-0 Wrexham, Palmer and Mullin 2, and over 25,000 fans."

OWEN THORNLEY: "3-1 Wrexham, Davies, Palmer and Mullin to score with 23,000 Wrexham fans."

JP: "Wrexham 3-1 Bromley. Mullin (2) & Luke Young will get that 1st goal of the season. 22,500 Wrexham fans."

TOM: "Wrexham 0-0 Bromley (Bromley win 5-4 on pens) in front of 24,602 Reds."

WREX-PAT IN USA: "I think we’ll win comfortably - big pitch, taking Bromley away from their comfort zone of a small artificial one. I’ll go 3-1, would love to see Luke Young break his duck for the season with a 30 yard screamer."

CRAIG JONES: "I’m going for a (hopefully) nice 2-0 win with goals from Palmer and I think an unusual scorer - maybe Cleworth?"