SHAUN HARVEY has spoken passionately about Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds’ love for Wrexham Football Club.

“Rob and Ryan have fallen for this football club in a way that I don’t think they thought was possible,” said Harvey, who is Strategic Advisor to the board at The Racecourse after being brought in by the Hollywood owners to deliver the duo’s mission statement.

The actors completed their high profile takeover last February but travel restrictions prevented the duo from attending their first game at The Racecourse until they saw the Reds draw 1-1 with Torquay United in front of a sell-out crowd on October 30.

Witnessing a near-10,000 attendance at first hand only increased the pair's love of the club, according to former English Football League chief executive Harvey.

"Rob and Ryan have fallen for this football club in a way that I don't think they thought was possible," said Harvey.

"They are fully immersed in everything that is going on.

"The game against Torquay was massively important because it gave them a sense of understanding and seeing it for themselves.


"People can tell you all day long what The Racecourse is like when it is full but it means nothing if you can't relate to it.

"They were massively supportive of the club before they came that day and it has only got stronger since.

"I communicate with them nearly on a daily basis in one form or another and I think there is no doubt that Rob and Ryan are more committed to the football club now than they were a year ago because it is now part of their life, and they were all in at the start.”