SHAUN HARVEY insists his role as Strategic Advisor at The Racecourse does not undermine Fleur Robinson's position as Chief Executive.

Harvey was brought in as an advisor by Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds prior to the duo completing their high profile takeover last February.

Robinson left Burton Albion to take up her new role with the Reds in June and Harvey stressed how they both have important parts to play in the club's quest for success.

"It is more about division of responsibilities rather than capabilities," said Harvey.

"Fleur came to the club in June and what people under-estimate is the amount of work that we had to do and are still doing.

"This was a club that had been in existence to exist; it was all about can we get to the end of the season and keep the club in business.

"I am on record for paying tribute to the Wrexham Supporters Trust for that role but the mentality of the club suddenly changes and how do you manage that change.

"The growth here, throughout the club, is absolutely massive.

"I am doing the January transfer window but that is the division of jobs that need doing between Fleur and I."

Harvey has vital roles to fulfil but the 51-year-old made it clear that he does not run the club.

"I have a very significant part to play with Rob and Ryan, and their investment into the club," added Harvey.

"Fleur runs this football club on a day-to-day basis, I just tend to get involved in the bits that most people are interested in.

"Nobody can come away thinking that Shaun Harvey runs the club.

"Shaun Harvey has got a very big part to play in a lot of the significant decisions that are made, that is my role looking after Rob and Ryan's investment into the club and trying to deliver for them against their mission statement.

"There's a whole raft of other things that Fleur leads very capably and is getting done behind the scenes but they don't tend to be as interesting to people."