What team would you pick for the FA Trophy clash with Folkestone Invicta? Who would you rest?

RYAN PRICE: "Lainton, RHJ, Brisley, French, Lennon, Green, Young, Jones, Davies, Thomas, Angus."

JOSE DENAN: "Dibble, RHJ, French, Tozer, Brisley, Green, Jones, Young, Davies, Thomas, Angus.

"Conscious that there will/has been long lay off for 1st 11 so would go with a bit of a mix. Definitely rest Mullin."

MATHEW WYNN WILLIAMS: "Lainton, Cedworth, Hayden, Tozer, Green, Young, J Jones, K Thomas, Ponty, Hosannah, J Davies. Subs: Dibble, Bickerstaff, Trafford.

"Rest Mullin. First team needs a run out after long break."

RICHARD HOPWOOD: "Dibble, French, Cleworth, Brisley, Green, Jones, Davies, Trafford, McAlinden, Thomas, Angus."

CHIRK TOWN FC: "4-3-3 - Dibble, French, Cleworth, Brisley, Reckord, Trafford, Jones, Jarvis, McAlinden, Thomas, Ponticelli."

WREX-PAR IN USA: "Give the fringe players the chance to impress. I’d also like to see a few of the young lads, especially Dan Davies be given some minutes."

DAVID MCMAHON: "Let’s try some different tactics than wing backs. Strongest team but try to pass it around and keep it on the deck. They haven’t played for over a week."

PETER WILLIAMS: "Wouldn’t rest any of them, they need competitive action due to not playing for a couple of weeks."

AL: "Dibble, Hall-Johnson, French, Tozer, Brisley, Green, J Jones, Young, Davies, Thomas, Angus."