Which positions/players would you like to see Wrexham sign during the transfer window?

J: "Sbarra, joe piggott, and another midfielder. If I was being greedy a proper out and out winger too but I’m not sure Parkinson is ever going to play a formation that needs 2."

JOSE DENAN: "CDM Playmaker and a big target man goalscorer. I would like to see French play a CDM but we don't have the luxury to experiment. Kwame could be that man up front but time to get up to speed isn't on his side. Woodyard, Sbarra,Tshimanga or Jamile Matt."

JEFF LAING: "If he sticks with his current formation, 1 holding midfield, 1 midfield playmaker and a forward who can hold up play. If he goes sensible to either 433 or 442 - none."

PAD: "If we don’t get new midfielders then all other positions are pointless. Absolutely no creativity in CM and nobody to control tempo of the game. Personally don’t see the need for a new CF, I think Hyde is a great partner for Mullin. A centre back with some pace would also be good."

CRAIG JONES: "Three players for me - No.1 priority is a holding midfielder who breaks up play and can pass it better than our defenders. Creative mid who play balls through the lines and also score goals. New striker to compliment Mullin better. Need to pay the money for quality though."

JOHN ELLINSON: "Defensive and offensive midfielder and a wide front man (or two) who can get past a player whilst carrying the ball. Maybe a fox in the box style striker if I was to be really greedy!"

MARK CREIGHTON: "Big number 9 in the mould of Jamille Matt of FGR. Play Mullin off a target man like him (our style of play) would reap many a goal. Norwood class but similar to Mullin."

ACH56: "Any 3 from these. Pigott, Norwood, Sbanna, Clay, Guy, Brough. Plus a goal keeper, Lainton great shot stopper, but does not dominate his area. Forgot Wes Hoolahan who supported Mullin at Cambridge."

JAMIE HEATH: "2 tricky wingers that will contribute with goals, another striker and a creative midfielder and we will be bang there for the league. Wingers are key for me."

MATT RICHARDS: "Holding midfielder, attacking midfielder and a striker to take the pressure off Mullin. Sbarra would be an obvious choice. Perhaps flex our financial muscle and go for Tshimanga...or we like going for League 2 top scorer so let's get Telford from Newport!"


TIM LEWIS: "Tshimanga, Sbarra, Matty Longstaff on loan and a left wing back ideally Neil Taylor!"

JOE: "Holding midfielder, creative midfielder, possibly another striker and a winger."

GORDON VALLANCE: "A backup forward for Mullin if he gets injured, 2 midfielders and someone to back up Lennon maybe macarthy or a star leader."

STEVE CUFFIN: "CDM that’s a winner and can control the game."