KARL CONNOLLY will never forget causing an argument between two of Arsenal’s household names on the day Wrexham sprang a major cup shock.

Left-winger Connolly had a reputation for being strong in the air and he met a number of balls that was sprayed to his side of the pitch.

Lee Dixon was marking Connolly – and his success in the air didn’t go down well with Gunners centre-back David O’Leary.

“In the first half all the dead balls came to me and I was good in the air,” said Connolly.

“Lee Dixon and David O’Leary started arguing about it, and O’Leary came to mark me for the goalkicks and free-kicks.

“I started laughing. I had them worried!”

Connolly had no qualms about coming up against right-back Dixon, who was one of a host of England internationals in the star-studded Arsenal side.

“All my family are Everton and Liverpool fans, they were on about me coming up against the England right-back and was I worried?” said Connolly.

“But we are both footballers on the same pitch, let’s just see what happens, it is a game of football and it didn’t bother me.”

Wrexham’s exploits made national headlines and have continued to do so ever since when the words ‘FA Cup giant-killing acts’ are repeated.

Connolly is just delighted the Reds are getting the credit they deserve.

“It has been over the news, all over facebook. Mad, isn’t it!” added Connolly when looking back at the Reds’ triumph.

“Looking back at the video it is great seeing The Racecourse packed. I still think it is the biggest upset, Arsenal had won the league the year before and Wrexham finished bottom.”

Playing just behind Connolly was Phil Hardy, who described it as the most memorable game of his career.

Hardy played for Wrexham for 12 years and said: “We were treated like Lords after the game. It was a great night in Wrexham.

“It was a tremendous giant-killing act to beat the champions having finished bottom the season before.

“It was an unbelievable experience and I just remember being carried on the fans’ shoulders at the end of the game. So many great memories.”