What will the score and scorers be when Wrexham host Bromley on Saturday?

THE DAVIES LOCKER: "Another 2-1 win for The Town with Hayden scoring from Tozer long throw, and Luke Young will get himself a goal."

ADY: "2.0 Wxm. Mullin 2."

HUMPH: "We have been poor at home since the start of the season. This has to change and I think it will on Saturday, 2-0 to the Reds."

ALFIE: "I would of said a comfortable Bromley win but they've wobbled a tad recently, 2-1 us, Hayden & Mullin the scorers."

GARETH DAVIES: "0-0 or 0-1 to Bromley. 5 goals at home all season. Back to the tactics that didn’t work for 75 minutes last night in front of a big crowd against one of the better sides in the league. I genuinely think that the last few results have papered over the cracks."

CARL: "Would love to see us play 433 and I would go for 2-0 victory!"

KEN DAVIES: "3-0 to us - eventually someone’s going to get trounced at the Racecourse."

MATHEW WYNN WILLIAMS: "2 nil Wrexham win!! Mullin and Hayden to score."

HUW ROBERTS: "2-1 Wrexham, the Coedy assassin getting the winner late on!!!!!"

CARL: "Happily take a 1-0 win to keep up the momentum. Winner from, who else, Mullin."

RED SOX PETER: "2-0 Wrexham win."

JOE: "2-0 Wrexham. Mullin & Hyde."

MORGAN: "1-0 Wrexham, Mullin first half goal and then defend for the whole second half."

JP: "1-1, Cheek for them & Mullin for us."



ANDY: "0-0."

TIM LEWIS: "1-0 Wrexham. Hayden heading in a Tozer long throw."

DEADPOOL UNITED: "Wrexham 2 Bromley 1."

ROBERT WILLIAMS: "1-0 to us, surely we need to start winning at home and this is the time to do it."

JON: "It's got a bore all draw written all over it..."

BARRY DANIELS: "Depends which squad numbers PP pulls out of the hat, also which system he plays. If we go 4-3-3 (unlikely) as we finished yesterday I'll stick my neck out and go for a 3-1 victory."

WREXHAMISTHENAME: "2-1 to Bromley with a Mullin goal in first half."

GARRY DAVIES: "0-1 to Bromley."

GAV LEA: "This will be a tough one but after Tuesday night confidence should be high. 2-1 Wrexham!"

SUPER PAUL MULLIN: "2-0 town, Paul Mullin and Aaron Hayden."