THE last week in the life of the football club has been something of a blur. And a whirlwind. And a rollercoaster. And, frankly, whatever other kind of cliché one wants to throw at it.

I don't imagine there is anyone in North Wales and very few beyond who didn't hear about the visit of our chairmen to the Racecourse Ground last week and think that not even the grizzled veterans of Wrexham AFC, whether they be in the stands or the club office, can claim to have seen something like this before.

I think I can say, with some confidence, that the trip was an unqualified success.

I know that Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds had the time of their lives and have left town very eager to return. It certainly won't be eight months until they are back with us again.

There are any number of things they didn't get to do and people they didn't get to meet, despite a heroically packed schedule that was organised to within an inch of its life very ably and very last minute by Shaun Harvey, and I suspect they will be kept very busy on their next visit and the next visits after that!

My hope is that in time they will become such regular visitors to the club that the sight of Ryan buying a five-pack of y-fronts in the Primark store in town will attract no more attention than any of the rest of us doing so.

Personally, it was just so exciting to have the boys on site to see the club in the flesh and in all its glory.

It's all very well me describing the work that needs doing in the Wrexrent Stand, Bamfords, and on the Kop, or extolling the virtues of members of staff like Chally and Iwan or Jess and Phil, Geraint, Colin and Ollie, Geoff, Julie and Catherine and Sharon and Matt and the other Geraint and Mike, but by coming and walking those parts of the stadium and meeting those members of staff, it all becomes so much more real and immediate.

Rob and Ryan have never wanted for engagement with all things Wrexham, but now they have context and that always makes it more real.

I'd like to pay tribute to Fleur Robinson and our club staff who dealt with the additional pressures that come with the heightened security and extra workload that this week threw up with customary grace and good cheer.

In addition, I'd like to thank North Wales Police for all their help with the visit that ensured that the guys were able to get out and meet as many folk as possible whilst remaining safe at all times.

I have been incredibly fortunate since becoming a part of the WAFC family to have been welcomed so generously both inside and outside the club and I knew that the boys would receive an even warmer welcome, but the reception they received all week, culminating in a bumper crowd at The Racecourse, was astonishing.

Thank you all, the people of Wrexham and the fans of the club for making them, and all of us who have come into the club, feel so welcome.

By the end of the week, the overwhelming feeling we had was a confidence that we, the owners, the club and the town, are building something very special here and we are doing it together.

Now, bring on Harrogate. And Aldershot. And the rest. COYR.