HOW do you think Wrexham will get on at Harrogate and what are the Reds' chances of promotion?

DEAN ROGERS: "No idea how we'll do as we're so inconsistent presently. Would love a good cup run and a win would boost confidence but they're going well in the division above. Aldershot next Tuesday is a vital game regardless of result on Saturday!"

STEVE DAVIES: "I am expecting a 1-1 draw vs Harrogate and a league finish of 8th. Unless there is drastic change, promotion isn't happening this season."

MATT JOHNSON: "It’s got 0-0 written all over it. I can’t see us getting as far as we hoped this season due to the tactics and playing style of the team under Parkinson. I had a feeling he wasn’t the right fit for our club and I’m afraid recent performances have confirmed that."

ROY KYFFIN: "I think we will lose, just...."

PHIL J WESTON: "We will lose Saturday & will finish just outside the playoffs...We may scrape 7th if Mullin stays injury free & keeps his elbows to himself."

MAX GRIFFITHS: "If things can start to click across a whole game rather than just spells then anything is possible. Without Mullin on Saturday we’ll struggle."

DESSLAAAA: "If we can’t beat sides like Torquay that sat back and did nothing for mostly 90 minutes, we ain’t going to beat a flying Harrogate side a league higher.. sadly."

ALFIE: "There's a chance we can nick it at Harrogate possibly 1-0 but not expecting much, we will make the play offs but won't win them in typical Wrexham fashion."

LUKE: "Kick start our season with a dominant 2 nil win...then lose 3 nil at Aldershot."

SHAUN: "1-0 Reds."

PAUL JOHNSON: "With Mullin missing I'd be happy with a draw and replay at The Racecourse. Going to be a tough game."

BAFFIES: "Could beat Harrogate if we make the most of chances, expecting a draw. Promotion is looking less and less likely under Parky, would be lucky to get play-offs at this rate."

WXM: "Win 2-0, the Jordan Davies show."

JEFF LAING: "It's a Div 2 side which doesn't put them that far above a decent National League side. Wouldn't surprise me if Wrexham could draw at least and possibly sneak it."

NATHAN ASHCROFT: "Looking forward to seeing us play against a team in League 2. Will rise to the occasion. 1-0 win."

MR P: "I think they’ll struggle to get into the next round of the FA Cup and I see them finishing in a play-off position."

WREXHAM IS THE NAME: "3-1 Harrogate and we will play shocking."

PHIL: "Without changes, I can't see us getting above mid table at best. Also Probably a 2-1 loss to Harrogate in current form. Prove me wrong. Please prove me wrong!!!"

BRIGITTE: "As long as a win, I don't mind."

JAMIE HEATH: "Will absolute punish us unfortunately, terrible draw for us. They are a good footballing side. Minimum 2-0 win for Harrogate."

BEN: "Improved performance is the main thing I'm looking for, 1-1 and back to The Racecourse so that Mullin's back for the league game."


DON BERNO: "I will take league wins over cup runs every time right now."

LEE 'CAKES' WILLIAMS: "Hopefully Wrexham 2-1."

RED SOX PETER: "Sorry but I think we will lose this game 2-1."