WREXHAM need to win tonight otherwise the natives are going to start getting restless.

A 13 point gap between 12th-placed Wrexham and the National League leaders is nothing to worry about at this stage and neither is the fact that Marine - a very well-organised non-league outfit - almost made Phil Parkinson’s side come a cropper in Crosby. But when team performances are not matching fans’ expectations levels, then this is where top managers - and players - earn their money.

Wrexham were poor against Chesterfield and much worse at Marine on Saturday. Even Parkinson admitted there was no quality.

Off the pitch it may be all hunky-dory but on the pitch, it’s a different story. Bringing in new personnel means teams do take time to gel - and Wrexham supporters are well used to that after the club’s managerial merry-go-round of years gone by.

Wrexham have only played 10 games so far but their next 10 are crucial, starting tonight in a tie the Reds must win.

Foolishly, I let my heart rule my head in Saturday’s ‘it will be a 3-2 thriller’ prediction. So a 1-0 Wrexham win will do tonight.