PETE JONES: "Big crowd can only mean one thing haha - no I’m going for a 1-0 win."

JOSE DENNA: "2 nil Wrexham. Hyde - J. Jones. Hoping Mullin is back but Dior has show we have that depth. Feel after conceding first in 3 of the last 4 Parkinson will have the defence drilled this week and we will see a clean sheet."

J-WXM: "2-2."

CALEB PUMFORD: "3-0 Wrexham. Hyde, Davies, Mullin."

IWAN SANGER: "Huge crowd Wrexham effect would be to lose 1-0 Maguire-drew scoring but realistically I’ll go for a 2-0 Hyde & Hayden to score."

CARL: "Massive crowd, massive occasion, not lost all season, first time with no restrictions, first Saturday 3pm in over a year, it all points to a Woking 1-0 win with a 90 minute own goal from Ben Tozer throwing the ball back to Lainton!"

RED SOX PETER: "3-0 Wrexham."

WRICHIE: "4-1 Wxm, Hyde, J Davies, Angus and French."

OWEN THORNLEY: "3-1 Wrexham, Hyde x 2 and a Young hit from outside the box."

JP: "5-0, Hyde x2, Mullin x2, Hayden."

TOM: "3-0 Town. Mullin, Hyde and James Jones."

CONNOR ALLEN: "2-0, Mullin and Jones."

RYAN: "2-0 Wrexham, Mullin and Young."

ROBERT WILLIAMS: "3-0, Mullin, Hyde and J Jones."

SEANY PRINCE: "5-1 Wxm, Angus 3 and Hyde 2."

TIMOTHY LEWIS: "6-0 Wrexham. 3 for Mullin, 2 for Hyde and one from a Tozer long throw off the fumbling keeper."

DAVE CULL: "2-0. French, Reckord."

NEIL JAMES NIGE EVANS: "3-1 Wrexham! Mullen, Hyde, Hayden."

GARRY DAVIES: "A 1-2 defeat."

DEZZLAAAA: "We usually disappoint when there’s a bumper crowd don’t we."

KEVIN TAYLOR: "2-0 to Town, Mullin and Young."

EMMA ROBERTS: "2-0 Wrexham, Mullin and Hyde."

WADAM WILLIAMS: "4-1 Wrexham. Attendance is 7,356."

JACK STRINGER: "4-1, Mullin hat-trick and Hyde 1."