RYAN Reynolds says his football skills are nowhere near the level of the players at Wrexham AFC.

The Deadpool actor told Sky News that he had played football - he says he will never call it soccer when referring to Wrexham - for ten years as a youngster in Canada.

Speaking ahead of the release of his new summer blockbuster, Free Guy, the 44-year-old said his skills would not match up to the average person in Wales.

He told Sky News: “My football skills are all right. I mean, I played for, I don’t know, 10 years as a kid. I don’t even pretend to be anywhere near the level of the players in the club or even just your average, everyday, you know, human being in Wales.

“I wouldn’t put my skills up against anyone, but I love it. Yeah, I definitely love it. I’m excited to see the club go.”

Ryan and fellow actor Rob McElhenney completed the takeover of Wrexham AFC.

The have both said they are eager to visit Wrexham, return the club to the Football League, as well as support the surrounding community.

Ryan told Sky News: “There’s such a rich history in Wrexham and there’s such a legacy of incredible adoration and love for this club and we kind of feel like both the community and the club are really intertwined. We’re excited about hopefully raising the profile of both.”